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InOurCare, a big opportunity for Business

Business has a critical role to play in all environmental, economic, and social programs. InOurCare will demonstrate the power of this role, as it not only helps our Ukrainian Refugees, but also supports care givers and creates environmental, economic, and social benefits to local communities.

InOurCare is all levels of government, public and academic institutions, subject matter experts, non-profits, local communities, individual citizens, and businesses working together to co-create and develop new solutions. For the businesses that participate, it will be an opportunity to demonstrate capabilities, engage their employees in real environmental and social leadership, boost customer and employee branding, and make real impact.

The Forum

The InOurCare Business forum will document business participation in the program, promoting transparency and serving as a place to generate insights and ideas. So, Irish businesses and entrepreneurs, this is your moment, join the forum, let's map what needs to be done, develop and share ideas, and get to work.