Business - the Critical Catalyst in Leading Regeneration

We believe in business as a force for good. Kune will help companies engage with employees, and their communities - providing benefits in customer & employee branding, employee engagement, and insights for product/service development.

Kune provides your business with:

  • Opportunities to sponsor and participate in local programs, projects, and initiatives.

  • Support to profitably build your relevance to communities, employees, and society.

  • Ways to invest and transition to net zero and more circular & regenerative models.

  • Networking & partnership opportunities with other businesses.

Help build Corporate Teams at Local, County & National levels, and position your company and employees to lead the way to a more inclusive & sustainable circular economy and a better world for all.

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What can businesses and communities do to improve the Night Time Economy in a town?

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@Tom_Gilligan the first thing to say is - Thanks, for your support but also for jumping in & getting the conversation started. It requires some special award and recognition … you are the very first person to post an idea or suggestion here! (we haven’t made noise about it yet).

It’s a superb question, ref what can businesses and communities do to improve the Night Time Economy in a town. I’d love to promote it to a headline topic of it’s own, and make more room for others to jump in (to get all the answers into one place). I’ll double back on that.