FreshMinds : Unleashing Transformation through Students and Schools

Schools are a vital part of every community and support the future of us all. Schools and student organizations are no strangers to volunteer and other forms of community participation.

If you have connections to or are:

  • A School,

  • PTA,

  • Board of Education,

  • Teacher or

  • Student

Let’s work together to co-create this space and empower our children to shape their community and future. Share your ideas below for how we can involve and empower local schools below.

The potential - For Students & School Communities
The obligation - Due care for students not yet 18

It's time to Empower the Future.

The goal of WeCan and Kune is to empower local communities and citizens. There is no more important group to empower than our children and get them excited about a future that they can help shape.

We will be working with our partners, academic institutions, boards of educations, and schools to develop programs such as our Citizen Scientist program that will promote STEM and help children to make a stronger connection between what they learn in the classroom and the world around them.

But we cannot do it alone. Join us and let’s empower the future.