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Let's make a better Ireland together!

  • What is WeCanIreland
  • Share Ideas & Act
  • Engagement
  • Four Levels of Change

What is WeCanIreland

WeCanIreland, like the wider WeCanGlobal network which it is part, is a distributed network of individual communities. As such, no one can tell another what to do. To be successful, each community will need to lead and take a role in co-shaping the wider network. We need everyone to contribute and share ideas.

WeCanIreland is a platform for you, for us to share information, ideas, and act together to make Ireland a more inclusive, sustainable, and better country to live. So, what are your ideas?

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." - Margaret J. Wheatley

Share Ideas & Act

  • How can we make Ireland a better place to live?

  • How can we make Ireland more sustainable and meet 2030 and 2050 emissions targets?

  • How can we improve society and create new economic opportunities?

Start small: List the challenges facing you, your family, friends, and neighbors:

  • Is there anything you, or you and your close circle (family and friends), could do to start making an immediate difference?

  • What little things could the community change to make things better?

  • What do your family, friends, and neighbors think?

Think bigger:

  • What environmental, economic, or social problems do you see in your town, city, or county?

  • What is being done about those problems? What could be done?

  • Are the problems you see locally common to other towns, cities, and counties across Ireland?

  • What, if anything, are other areas doing about these problems? Is it working and could you do something similar in your area? Could you do something better?

Join or start a conversation in these topics. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors. Kune is about community engagement both online and off.

Become a Facilitator

We need community facilitators and secretaries to help establish and run each local community platform, if you are interested, or know people who might be, have a look at our How to set up your community doc.


To maintain constructive discourse, the platform needs to be a psychological safe place for people to ask questions and share ideas. Therefore we have set some strict rules for community engagement, which are outlined in our Terms & Conditions. But it is not rocket science, when sharing ideas or reacting to the ideas or questions of others, just be nice. Remember, everyone here is like you, an important member of the community hoping to make a difference. For advice and ideas of how best to interact on the platform, see our Community Guidelines.

By thinking and working together, we can make a better Ireland. We believe that that Ireland will serve as a model for other countries to follow.

Four Levels of Change

There are four levels of change:
  1. Personal
  2. Close Circle (Family & Friends)
  3. Community
  4. Policy

1. Personal

Personal is what we do as individuals, the choices we make that affect the world around us. Whether this is as a family, member, a friend, a neighbor, citizen or consumer. As a consumers you can choose to only buy products from environmentally and socially responsible companies. You can take steps to reduce your personal carbon footprint. We can get involved in, or lead, local projects for environmental, economic, and social good.

2. Close Circle

Close Circles are your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. By working together as small groups you can instantly magnify your impact. As a family, follow the tips in the video above to reduce your carbon footprint and encourage your other close circles and their families to do the same. Working together for positive environmental and social impact is also likely to be a fantastic bonding exercise and model for your children.

3. Community

Community is our institutions, our public and private organizations, our businesses, local government, and schools. It is where we as individuals and groups have the greatest influence and can make the most impact. Whether by supporting existing programs or initiatives or helping to promote and develop new ones this is where you and your close circles can make the biggest difference.

We created Kune and WeCanIreland to empower community-led action and change, so people like you can get together with other people in your community and lead change. At the community level you do not need to seek or wait for permission, you can make a start. For more ideas, see the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) doc.

Join and help establish and develop WeCanIreland communities across Ireland and work with us for environmental, economic, and social good. Only together can we create real and lasting change.

4. Policy

The government and the public service exist to maintain stability, they are by nature risk adverse and therefore not suited to leading change. Government, the public service, and the policies they develop are generally always a few steps behind the community. As a democracy, we can influence policy by demanding more of our government representatives at all levels and through our vote. But we cannot expect or wait for government to solve all our problems. We need new solutions and we need them fast, we cannot afford to wait.

We must lead the way!

Government and public service support is essential, but to transform our society and reach our 2030 and 2050 targets, communities must lead the way. So, let’s work together to make change happen!