Nonprofits & NGO - Supporting Those Supporting Others

If you are a non-profit, charity, or other community organization or network, join us!

We can provide you with a new platform to develop, promote, and fund projects and initiatives. We will provide you with a private portal with your own discussion boards and community workspace for your employees and volunteers to share & develop ideas and coordinate action.

Contact us at [email protected] and we will set you up with a portal for your people for free, with no hidden or future costs.

By joining you will also become eligible to receive funding from our GreenToGive Crowdfund. GreenToGive will raise funds for non-profits and charities through micro events that bring people together, promoting a stronger sense of community and fun.

As we rebuild post-COVID we need to re-connect with and support each other.

  • Working with Nonprofits & NGOs

  • Collaborating across sectors

  • Corporate connection

  • Linking with Authorities.

  • Supporting bodies who support Nonprofits & NGOs.

Let's work TOGETHER for greater Transparency, Trust & Impact!

So many non-profits are doing great work, but too many operate in silos which stifles the potential for impact. By connecting and working together, we can increase transparency and attract wider support and magnify our impact.