The Heritage Council - Mission, Projects & Community

The Heritage Council’s mission is to develop a wide understanding of the vital contribution that our heritage makes to our social, environmental & economic well-being.

Our heritage is all around us. It includes our landscapes, countryside, rivers and lakes, our archaeological sites, our buildings, our history, folklore, language and customs. It’s what makes our places special. Wise planning will ensure that the best elements of this heritage — those that enhance our communities and enrich our lives — will be passed from generation to generation. In doing so, we will also ensure that our local areas and communities are good places in which to live and work.

Community involvement is at the heart of the Heritage Council’s vision for national heritage. Our work with local communities supports jobs, education and heritage tourism in our local areas, delivering a rich tourism experience and excellent practice in the care of our nation’s valuable heritage assets.

Success has been achieved through working in partnership with local authorities and statutory agencies. The results of such projects include the Collaborative Town Centre Health Check Programme, the Heritage Officer Programme and a wide range of projects undertaken under The Heritage Management Grants Scheme.

The Heritage Council - Who are we and what do we do?