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Welcome to WeCanIreland!

Welcome to WeCanIreland on Kune - a place for you to “think global and act local.”

  • Positive, Professional, Actionable & Knowledge-Driven
  • Kune Baseline
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Positive, Professional, Actionable & Knowledge-Driven

First always remember, Kune and the platforms it connects and supports are places for discussion, collaboration, and above all positive action. Kune is not a Town Square where you are free to say whatever you want to whomever you want whenever you want.

We do not decide up-front who can and cannot participate. Everyone over 18 can join, but when you do join, you must abide by the Terms of Service and commit to the Kune Baseline.

We are emotional beings that think, and we all get frustrated and angry sometimes. When that happens, take a break. You do not need to be online 24/7. For advice and ideas of how best to interact on the platform, see our Community Guidelines.

Kune Baseline

All those who sign up, must commit to the Kune Baseline, which is an acceptance of peer reviewed science such as the latest IPCC Reports as an established base we need and intend to build on. That said, above this baseline we welcome and encourage vigorous constructive debate on possible ways forward. To keep the group smart, we want to encourage decent and constructive criticism and will not tolerate attempts to cancel others for asking questions.

Therefore, anyone intentionally attempting to spread disinformation or misinformation to cast doubt on the science will be removed from the platform. So, to create a place of psychological safety, we have a strict “No Troll No Cancel” policy. Anyone who is offensive or abusive, post racist comments, attempts to cancel others who express different opinions, or attempts to interfere or prevent collaboration and community action will also be removed.

Help establish your local WeCanIreland Community

We need active citizens and servant leaders to help establish the WeCan community for their city or town. So, if you are passionate about local and global issues and want to do what you can to make things better, check out the docs below and make a start.

Send us your local images!

Another thing we need is local images for each community, so if you have or can take some high resolution images that show your local area at its best, please send them to us with the title Community image for (City/ Town name) to [email protected]

Remaking Society Together

By working together locally in far better ways, and focusing on getting done what can be done, we can create well-informed, just, democratic, kind, and sustainable societies globally.